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HUD provides $6.7 million, money that is dispersed across the community for various projects, including the apartments where 1,300 formerly homeless people have been placed. The homeless pay 30 percent of the rent, Bradshaw said. On last Wednesday, 130 volunteers went out for the annual count of homeless adults. "Wednesday was good. We are finding less people," Bradshaw said. It will be a few days before they have a final tally on that count, but overall, homelessness has dropped since 2012, when the agency took a more aggressive approach toward getting them housing and services. Since then, the number of homeless adults in Memphis has dropped from 2,076 in 2012 to 1,669 in 2016, Bradshaw said. And Saturday's event has had other positives, said Kellie Cole, project director for the Memphis Strong Families Initiative, a Community Alliance for the Homeless project. "Hosting the event has really helped us setup how we're going to address youth homeless in the coming years," Cole said.

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