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Oct 09, 2017  

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Christian rapper Lecrae plants his flag

Rapper Lecrae is a Houston native Photo: Joshua Kissi And then I'd find myself at a party with Kanye West and Jay-Z. To me, it was just making the most of what life handed to me. I got lemons, I made lemonade." "All Things Work Together" tells a story, though not necessarily a linear one. While the early songs are at times combative, they then lead to the album's middle, which is more richly nuanced. "Hammer Time" is a redemption story; "Lucked Up" is a showing of gratitude for what his wife brought to his life. "Can't Stop Me Now (Destination)" references the low points when longtime listeners slung criticisms at Lecrae for speaking his mind about the subject of police violence and black men. "Last year I was feeling hopeless," it begins. "I think bearing your scars can help others with the wounds they have," he says. "I approached the album as something cathartic. And that song, even if I wasn't going to release it, I needed to write and record it just for me." The song is striking because it fits thematically with so much of Lecrae's earlier work, the work that courted an audience that, in part, turned on him.

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